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Golden Raisin (california)
(raisin d'or, Rosine, uva passa, золотой изюм, pasas de oro, الزبيب الذهبي)
Useful information about raisin production.
golden raisin (california)
Golden Raisin (California Raisin): In the production of this raisin the Sulphur gas
is being used in the drying process. The gas is working as the preservative. The
gas adding process will make this raisin to color very yellow and shine so it looks

Microbiological Criterias of Golden Raisin
Searches                                       Requirements
Moisture                                                < 16%
Vegetable Oil (%)                                < 0.5%
Ochratoxin A                                         < 10 ppb
B 1 Aflatoxin                                          < 2 ppb
Total Aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2)        < 4 ppb
SO2                                                        < 2000 ppm
LMR Pesticide                                      According to the Legislation EFC in effect
Salmonella                                           Target: Absent      Max.Neg.in 25g
Eschrechia coli                                    Target: Absent      Max.Neg.in 0,1g
Staphylococcus aureus                     Target: Absent      Max.< 10/g

Golden Raisin sizes based on 100grams:
Jumbo              <300
Standards        301-370
Medium            371-500  
Small                501-650

Golden Raisin in 10kg boxes: (click on each photo to maximize)
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golden raisin
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raisin bar
raisin bar
raisin bar
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