Gallnut (Aleppo Oak)
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The medium to high quality Gallnut from rich soil of central Iran.
"Galls are rich in resins and tannic acid and have been used in the manufacture of permanent inks (such as iron
gall ink) and astringent ointments, in dyeing, and in tanning. A high-quality ink has long been made from the
Aleppo gall, found on oaks in the Middle East; it is one of a number of galls resembling nuts and called "gallnuts"
or "nutgalls".
The larvae in galls are useful for a survival food and fishing bait; see the Indigenous Australian foods Bush
coconut and Mulga apple. Nutgalls also produce purpurogallin.
The gall of Rhus chinensis, Galla chinensi, has long been considered to possess many medicinal properties."
Gallnut from Iran are very high in quality. Our company is gallnut supplier & gallnut exporter for more than
a decaced.
Chinese gallnut is somehow similar to Iranian gallnut but as our indian customers told us, for producing
tannic acid,
Iranian gallnut is much more better. As we are Iranian gallnut exporter and supplying Iranian
gallnut, we are please to say that we are ready to supply the world with the best possible gallnut
wholesale prices. We also transit some of our gallnut from Iraq. As you may know iraqi gallnut is also
same with
gall nuts from Iran. Iran gallnut area is on the west side. the Area that gallnut grows in Iran
called Koohkelooye, Kordestan, Azerbayjan and...... gallnut has 2 type.
green gallnut and white gallnut.
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