Scientific names of Raisin:
Vitis vinifera L.

Raisin - comes from the Latin racemus and means "a cluster of grapes
or berries".
Cultured for fruit, eaten fresh or processed into raisins, juice, with some
cultivars adapted for the canning industry. Grape seeds contain 6-
20% oil, used for edible purposes, soaps, and as a linseed substitute.
The Leaves of this and other species are eaten in other cultures.

Common names:
Keshmesh (Persian), Raisin (English), Raisin Sec (French), Rosine  
(Germany), uva passa (Italy) ,изюм
(Russian), زبيب (Arabic)

DSR Raisins Type:
1. Golden Raisin (california) 2. Sultana Rasin (Tizabi)
3. Sun-dried Raisin (Brown) 4. Black Raisin (Maviz)

Raisin Value:
Typical Value        Per 100 gram
1.        Energy              290 Kcal
2.        Protein                   2.8 g
3.        Carbohydrate         67 g
4.        Fat                       0.45 g
5.        Vitamin A              500 mg
6.        Vitamin Bl              0.2 mg
7.        Vitamin B2           0.08 mg
8.        Nicotilanid              0.5 mg
9.        Sodium                   30 mg
10.      Potassium             710 mg
11.       Magnesium            41 mg
12.        Calcium                67 mg
13.        Iron                      3.1 mg
14.        Phosphorus        135 mg
15.        Sulphur                 16 mg
16.        Fiber                       2 g
17.        Potassium        710 mg
18.        Magnesium        41 mg
(Raisin Sec, Rosine, uva passa ,изюм,زبيب)
Some useful information about raisin production.
iran raisin golden-sultana-black
sultana raisin
golden raisin
sun dried raisin
raisin black maviz
raisin bar
raisin bar
raisin bar